• Image of Colin Hare - March Hare (LP+7" EP)
  • Image of Colin Hare - March Hare (LP+7" EP)
  • Image of Colin Hare - March Hare (LP+7" EP)
  • Image of Colin Hare - March Hare (LP+7" EP)
  • Image of Colin Hare - March Hare (LP+7" EP)

-- Last few copies of this limited edition (500 numbered copies) official reissue of long-lost classic solo album from ex-Honeybus member.

-- Gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes and pictures. Includes lyrics insert.

-- 7" EP with 4 songs not included on the album, with 2 rare B-sides, and the ultra rare Warner Bros. single "Didn't I Tell You".

-- For those of you who don't know, Colin Hare was a member, singer and songwriter with classic English 60's Pop group the HONEYBUS. The band are probably best known for their big hit in 1968 "I Can't Let Maggie Go". However, if you investigate further – which I strongly urge you to do – you will find that there was more than this….much, much more. Basically, pure classic songwriting, terrific arrangements and spellbinding vocal harmonies. The Honeybus disbanded in 1970 after producing a heap of singles and a classic album called "Story". Following this, in 1971, Colin recorded a solo album "March Hare" which seemingly disappeared as fast as it appeared at the time. However, it has sat in the soil of musical history, slowly being discovered by excited music fans who have rightly sat agog and heralded it as an overlooked treasure…

Track list:
1.- Get Up The Road
2.- Bloodshot Eyes
3.- For Where Have You Been
4.- Find Me
5.- Underground Girl
6.- To My Maker
7.- Alice
8.- Nothing To Write Home About
9.- New Day
10.- Cowboy Joe Saga
11.- Just Like Me
12.- Charlie Brown’s Time

Bonus Tracks on 7" EP:
13.- Didn’t I Tell You (A side, Warner Brothers, 1972)
14.- Seek Not In The Wide World (B side, Warner Brothers, 1972)
15.- Grannie Grannie (A side, Penny Farthing PEN 736, 1971)
16.- Fighting For Peace (B side, Penny Farthing PEN 750, 1971)

(Originally released on Penny Farthing as PELS 516, 1971)

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