• Image of John Howard - Barefoot With Angels CD/Digipack

-- "Barefoot With Angels" is John Howard´s eighth album and marks a departure for John as this is the first one he has recorded in his home studio. As he explains, "not being tied into an outside studio´s availability meant I could record whenever I felt inspired, had an idea for a vocal harmony or backing arrangement. It gave me a wonderful sense of creative immediacy which I think you can hear in the tracks."

-- There are 12 new Howard originals, including "Magdalena Merrywidow", a tribute to British sex change icon April Ashley in whose Knightsbridge restaurant John regularly performed in the mid-'70s; "Who´s Listening?", dedicated to comedy film star Kenneth Williams - and inspired by Williams´ famous last diary entry 'What´s the bloody point?'; and "The Exquisites", whose title was inspired by Oscar Wilde's description of the beautiful people he was surrounded by in his prime. "The song tells of how Glam Rock came to pop music´s rescue after The Beatles split up in 1970," says John, "and my own personal journey through that period."

Track List:

1. The Exquisites
2. The Dance
3. Who’s Listening (For Kenneth Williams)
4. Unrequited
5. (If You’ll Be My) Car Port
6. Magdalena Merrywidow (For April Ashley)
7. In The Bliss Of A Stolen Moment
8. Take The Weight
9. Last Stand
10. The Promise
11. Barefoot With Angels
12. That’s All