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Colin Hare - Down From Pitswood (CD-EP)

by Colin Hare


-- Last few copies of this limited edition 4 track-EP.

"....It was at London Stansted Airport on January 6th 2006 that Andy Morten handed me a disc of old BBC sessions of Honeybus, recorded by a fan on an ancient tape recorder. I didn`t hear the songs until 5 AM after our Felipop gig the same night. As I listened I realised that these songs had never been formally recorded by the ‘Bus and decided there and then that this was my next project.

'Incredibly Bad' and 'Follow the Plan' were recorded for John Peel and David Symons shows which were broadcast in 1968. On arrival back in England, 'The Man in the Office' dropped in after a conversation on air with a Dutch radio presenter. 'Down from Pitswood' with Duncan Maitland’s 'Bremner-esque' guitar licks puts us right back in March Hare land.

So... after a long and exceptionally hot summer, I am now glad to announce the release of this EP which would probably not have happened without help and contributions from Duncan Maitland, Rory Doyle (the only drummer I know to nail Pete Kircher’s style), Elaine Patience (violin), Rachel Firmager (cello) and of course Frank McGing who engineered that first session at Crowboy studios in Dublin.

I`d like to thank Andy Morten for coming up with the archive disc and Hanky Panky Records for their eagerness to issue this belated Honeybus EP.

Colin Hare, September 2006.

Track List:

1. Follow The Plan
2. The Man In The Office
3. Incredibly Bad
4. Down From Pitswood