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Honeybus - Story (LP)

by Colin Hare , Pete Dello , and Honeybus ,

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HONEYBUS, Story (HPR 036 / MAPA0012LP) Vinyl only!!

~~~ SOLD OUT ~~~

** First ever vinyl reissue
** Liner notes by Thomas Walsh with archive photos

In March 1968, "I Can't Let Maggie Go" became the third Honeybus single and the one which would ensure their place in the history books. The single hit number 8 in the UK and became a huge hit worldwide, but by summer 1969 the band had virtually called it a day. However, at Terry Noon's insistence (the band’s manager), the group completed an album's worth of new material. The album called Story was eventually released without much promotion in February 1970, by which time Honeybus was no more. Story remains a classic of the era, twelve shining gems blending Beatlesque pop ("She's Out There"), folk ("He Was Columbus"), country ("Ceilings No 1" and "Ceilings No 2", the same song played at different tempos), baroque pop ("She Said Yes") and gentle psychedelia ("Under The Silent Tree"), that showcase the songwriting talents of Ray Cane and Colin Hare. Produced by Ivor Raymonde.


Side A
1.- Story (Cane)
2.- Black Mourning Band (Cane)
3.– Scarlet Lady (Hare)
4.- Fresher Than The Sweetness in Water (Cane)
5.- He Was Columbus (Cane)
6.- Ceilings No. 1 (Cane)

Side B
1.- Under The Silent Tree (Cane)
2.- She’s Out There (Hare)
3.- She Said Yes (Cane)
4.- I Remember Caroline (Cane, Hare)
5.- How Long (Kircher, Cane, Hare)
6.- Ceilings No. 2 (Cane)